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Updated: May 5, 2020

With COVID-19 gluing us to our houses for two months, it's easy to forget the outside world exists.

Remember when we used to wake up at 6am? Lol.

Quarantine has changed all of us. We will overcome this situation, and when we emerge victorious there will be three types of people walking out of their homes. Quarantine will leave people being:

-Worse than when it arrived,

-The same as when it arrived and

-Better than when it arrived

When we step out of our houses, we will be walking into a new world. The world will resume, but 1/3 of those people will have grown. They would have an advantage and technically the other 2/3 will come out with a disadvantage.

If you water your rose, it will bloom. If you just leave it, it won't stay normal - it will die.

Likewise, whether we like it or not, time moves on. Sitting and waiting when you have the time to act and grow is killing your chance to develop yourself.

It is killing your chance. But your chance is not dead yet. Your chance never dies. Using this time to just relax, breathe and live is also fine. You can come out of quarantine more mentally stable (because some of us...eish).

They said Newton discovered gravity while isolating himself from the plague. But you don't have to invent gravity right now. This can be your step towards inventing gravity. Use this time to build yourself, either physically, mentally or emotionally.

You are not too late. You have not missed your chance. As long as we step out of our houses as better people, we're fine.

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