Two Much Fun!

They say the second one is more important than the first. Yeah, you could do it well the first time, but can you do it again?

I watched Whiplash again. I. LOVE. THAT. MOVIE. The brilliance of the obsessed artist.

Unlike most sport films, it doesn't make you want to play drums, but rather aims to make you think... "What is my THING?"

What is that thing that I will die for? That I will do anything for? Do I have something like that? Am I truly obsessed about anything? Or am I just living like everyone else?

I was thinking about it. Everyone is obsessed with something. Whether it's work or a series or sports or even sleep. The problem is not everyone embraces their obsession. We push it down in fear of society's normality.

I love Whiplash because it showed a story of obsession - what Andrew does to be 'one of the greats.' It's not pretty, but obsession isn't pretty.

Still, I'd rather be obsessed and fail, knowing I did everything I could. Than be consumed by normality.

My thing: Creativity.

What's yours?