This is Hilarious

It has been...3 months...


School...I guess.

Someone told me: you either have excuses, or you have results.

Or maybe I saw that on Instagram.

Either way, there it is.

I did have that excuse, "Oh I'm too busy with school". For a while, I was.

I thought it would get less hard, but it didn't.

And I realised "why am I sitting here, waiting for something to get easier, for some unspoken force to bestow time upon me?"

It doesn't work like that. I'm always going to be busy.

There's always going to be problems.

I can always come up with excuses.

Let's show some results.

The website was ready and I was all excited to get bookings, when I realised, I can't.

Lockdown, Sahil.

...But this isn't going to be another excuse.

I decided that if I cannot perform for people, there are other ways I can spread the wonder. I can help people spread the wonder themselves. And so I set out and made a course!

I promised myself that I will not post another blog until I have results. And I am proud to announce that if you click the 'COURSES' button at the top, you will link straight through to my course!

Take away...

There's always going to be an excuse. You can always find it if you look hard enough.

A lot of people just give into the excuse.

Take that excuse...



...And kill it.

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