Strike Three...Batter OUT!

I made a TikTok...

It was fun...

Very fun...

It was a looping video - one that loops forever.

I didn't watch any tutorials or anything else for this TikTok, this was my genuine first attempt from scratch.

Filming was relatively easy - only had to film twice. I started off by staring at my phone, then picked it up and started the dialogue. I then made my hand into a circle and zoomed in on it. Done.

...This was hard. Not the actual editing, but the process. I watched people editing videos before I even had a laptop. So I knew something.



Firstly, I had to import the clip into Premiere Pro, cut it where I want it to "start" and then bring that clip to the front. So now the end and beginning connect, but not the middle.

I then created a mask (which is basically a hole in the screen) where I made a circle with my hand. As soon as I made a circle with my hand in the first clip, I started the second clip under, so you can only see it inside the circle. I made the mask bigger until it took up the entire screen at the end, creating a loop.


To view the loop in its full extent, visit my TikTok Account:

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