Slog it for a SIX!

I decided to tweak the website. My friends showed me that 52.03% of internet traffic is mobile and I realised that the website needs to be based around mobile users.

I registered SeCretS Magic as a company with Google and someone from the UK called me. We spoke about the regulations and decided to recall again in the middle of June. The last step needed to verify my business was confirming my physical address by sending a mail...But due to COVID-19...


...You get the picture.

I made more TikToks and jotted down many more ideas. I decided to take a business approach to my social media:

  • Constantly looking through posts on the 'For You' page on TikTok and 'Explore' on Instagram.

  • Decipher the post to see what they did for it to appear on my screen.

  • Implement those ideas.

I'm practicing producing multiple cards from thin air. I can do 7 before my hands cramp up. Getting there.

I try to do at least one thing everyday - no matter how small. When lockdown started I had a "tomorrow" mentality. That ended with me doing nothing for 2 straight weeks. Now, even if I have an idea at 4am, I get out the pad and jot it down. This room is a MESS!

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