People will always expose you. Whether it's hate, just for fun or merely an exposing question. What do you do when your insecurities are being exposed?

"Sahil Samlal is a person of wisdom. He lives by his crazy theories he invents in his head that actually work...all the time...without fail."

- Sahil Samlal

Most people try to cover up their cracks when they are threatened to be exposed. I adopt another mentality which I call the 'YES AND?'

"Hey, I'm struggling with this question...Can you help me?"

"That is so easy!? Are you stupid!?"

"YES AND can you help me?

"YES AND?" works because instead of hiding or being shameful of your insecurities, it embraces it. "YES AND?" forces you to be proud of what you said and believe in yourself. This technique of self-belief has a subconscious effect that the problem you're facing is on its way to being solved. Instead of fixating on the insecurity, "YES AND?" provides a chance for you and the person you're talking to to accept the insecurity, and try to develop a solution.

Retracting and denying your insecurities may seem easy, but this just pushes them down. You cannot just neglect a part of you. You can't be perfect. But what you can be is the best YOU...I heard the cliché. Clichés are cliches for a reason. Embracing the faults and insecurities is the truest way you can build the real you and move forward.

"Why'd you take so long in the toilet, was there a bear or something in there?"

"YES AND I had to fight for my life. I took the toilet paper and I wrapped it around the bear and blinded it so I can finish quickly. But then there was no toilet paper so I had to..."

Saying "YES AND?" in these situations work brilliantly. The key is to draw it so out of proportion that no one in the world would believe what you're saying. They'll be like "This person is talking NONSENSE." Boom. Everyone's focussing on your ridiculous story and you've averted the disaster. Soon you'll be able to join this company:

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